12 in ’15

Everyone has a different way of coping with professional fears and insecurities. When I feel under pressure, I submit proposals for conference talks. While it’s not as glamorous as other vices, it’s far more productive than my past methods for coping with stress*.

Between starting a rewarding role last December and starting some exciting side projects, 2015 has been a bit more challenging than previous years. This has led to an increase in stress and predictably, also an increase in speaking engagements. Noticing that I’ve booked several¬†so far, I’ve decided to see if I can keep the momentum going and do a dozen talks this year.


I’ve already been hosted by some amazing events and conferences this year (Mix-It¬†was especially lovely!) bringing me to 4 talks for 2015. I’ll also be at PHP Tek next month, WordPress Cologne in June and Topconf Tallinn in November will bring me up to 7. If you know of any confrences coming up that need the sort of talks I give do give me a shout!

*Cake. Lots of cake.

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