Hackathon Timesavers

I’ve been looking at tools to speed along the development process for hackathons and hackdays. When you’ve only got 24 hours to turn out a presentable project, any of these can help save precious hours. I’ve included some of my favourite tools below.

Trello: If you already have a team and idea picked going into your hackathon, you might as well be ready to hash out the features of your MVP with your teammates. Trello makes collaborating (near) painless by letting you plot your course without taking off your headphones to argue with teammates.

Gitter: Chat is a great way to pass ideas back and forth. Chat that works with Github to let you pass ideas and code back and forth in-chat and speed things along.

Bootstrap: Need to make a website? Bootstrap. A popular front end framework, Bootstrap is one of the fastest and most popular ways to get your front end sorted.

Semantic UI: Like Bootstrap but want more copying and pasting? Semantic UI does the same thing with a different workflow. Get a beautiful looking front end

Python Anywhere:┬áIf you’re developing in Python, this tool lets you skip all the environment setup and get each of your team members working with the same setup in-browser in moments.

DreamFactory: What Bootstrap and Semantic UI do for simplifying your front end, DreamFactory does for your back end. Throw your data at it (SQL, noSQL, file storage) and DreamFactory will let you create RESTful APIs to plug into your project with no fuss.

Feel free to add your own hackathon timesavers in the comments below.